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Course Details

This qualification is delivered over 1350 hours, including 280 hours of practical placement. Participants enrolled in this course will have up to 52 weeks (excluding School holidays). Participants will be required to undertake 7-9 hrs/per week self-study to complete the course requirements.

The course duration may vary for individual students based on their current academic and work experience. All students will be assessed on an individual basis for their ability to meet the course requirements within an extended or reduced time frame.

This qualification will be delivered using a combination of theoretical delivery and other student participation methods. This will include classroom sessions, directed self-study, skills training, self-paced learning, in class assessments which includes role plays and supervised practical placement experience in a registered long day care and kindergarten to build on participant’s knowledge and skills on-the-job.

The Training and Assessment ensure that students have adequate time to learn the topics and opportunities for reinforcement to complete and submit tasks required for assessment purposes.

A variety of presentation types may include eLearning resources and classroom-style delivery for those students’ requiring assistance. Such methods are well suited to present fundamental and theoretical knowledge.

The effectiveness of the training sessions involving student participation is encouraged, including class sizes from 6 to 12 students. These restrictions will maximise trainer/student interaction during training.

1/520 Blackburn Road, Doncaster East, Victoria and Practical Placement location as negotiated.

Occupational titles may include

  • Authorised supervisor
  • Children’s services coordinator
  • Centre manager
  • Centre director
  • Childhood educator
  • Group/team coordinator/leader

Students who complete this course may wish to continue their education into such courses as:

  • Bachelor of Early Childhood Education.

This qualification reflects the role of educators in early childhood education and care who work in regulated children’s education and care services in Australia. Educators at this level are responsible for designing and implementing curriculum that meets the requirements of an approved learning framework and for maintaining compliance in other areas of service operations. They use specialised knowledge and analyse and apply theoretical concepts to diverse work situations. They may have responsibility for supervision of volunteers or other educators.

Early childhood educators work in long day care centres, family day care, pre-schools or kindergartens.

This course is ideally suited to people who want to work in the early childhood education and care industry who:

  • Hold a CHC30121 Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care 0r
  • CHC30113 Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care.
  • Students who are currently working in the industry and wish to advance their career in the early childhood industry into a leadership role.

Pines Learning requires that students:

  • Prospective students MUST hold either CHC30113 or CHC 30121, Certificate III In Early Childhood Education and Care
  • Complete a language, literacy and numeracy (LLN) assessment to demonstrate that they have the required level of LLN skills required by the course.
  • Able to demonstrate confident interpersonal and communication skills, as determined during pre-enrolment conversations and/or reviews.
  • Applicants must also have an interest in working in this field, to be determined during a pre-training review with the RTO.
  • Are willing and physically able to complete a work placement for 280 hours at a regulated education and care service

General Requirements:

  • Proficiency in both oral and written English is required.

Physical requirement

  • As an early childhood educator, the student is required to undertake tasks that involve bending, lifting, repetitious movements, carrying heavy objects and children.
  • Also required is the ability to work both indoors and outdoors.
  • The student is required to have the physical fitness to safely carry out these tasks.

Technology Requirements

  • Students are required to have access to a computer with internet access.
  • Students are required to have basic computer skills such as email management and electronic documentation management.
  • It is necessary that students are able to work with learning portal (Moodle).
  • A digital literacy questionnaire is required to be completed to assess the technology requirement

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is available and all students are offered the opportunity to participate in RPL upon enrolment. RPL is generally recommended where individuals have been working in a relevant job role for at least 2 years, however any student can also self-elect to undertake RPL.

The RPL model used by Pines Learning is a guided and supported process that relies on the candidate’s ability to demonstrate their competence by answering verbal questions from an assessor, providing referees and, where possible, having their practical skills assessed in the workplace.

Applications can be made for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL). These will be assessed according to the Pines Learning policy to determine if and how much advanced standing will be granted.

Pines Learning recognises AQF qualifications and Statements of Attainment issued by any other Registered Training Organisation in Australia. Students may request total credit for a whole unit or qualification based on study in an identical unit or qualification at another institution.

Suitable documentation such as a Statement of Attainment/ Transcript of results must be provided when applying for Credit Transfer. Applications can be made for Credit Transfer (CT) prior to enrolment.

Assessments will be conducted to determine the student learning outcomes and to finalise the achievement of the competency-based learning outcomes. Assessments may include written tasks, case study/scenarios, projects, role plays, practical skills observation and on the job role environment / practical placement tasks.

All assessments will be undertaken in accordance with the Pines learning Assessment policy. Students will be advised of the assessment requirements at the beginning of each unit. Individual Unit outlines also contain assessment information. As this is a competency-based qualification, assessment continues throughout until the participant either achieves competency in the assessment tasks or a further training need is identified and addressed.

To achieve this qualification, the learner must have completed at least 280 hours of work placement as detailed in the Assessment Requirements of the Units of Competency.

Practical placements can occur at the students workplace or at any other regulated education and care service. For security reasons, students cannot undertake their practical work placements without a valid agreement between Pines Learning and the Placement Providers.

Students who wish to use their current place of work if relevant to the course, must discuss with the Pines learning course coordinator and provide evidence of current work as per our placement process. An Agreement will be sent to the facility after negotiating with the Placement Provider.

This qualification requires successful completion of 15 units comprised of twelve (12) core units and three (3) Elective Units as specified in the CHC Community Services and BSB Business Training Packages

Core units

  • BSBTWK502 Manage team effectiveness
  • CHCECE041 Maintain a safe and healthy environment for children
  • CHCECE042 Foster holistic early childhood learning, development and wellbeing
  • CHCECE043 Nurture creativity in children
  • CHCECE044 Facilitate compliance in a children’s education and care service
  • CHCECE045 Foster positive and respectful interactions and behaviour in children
  • CHCECE046 Implement strategies for the inclusion of all children
  • CHCECE047 Analyse information to inform children’s learning
  • CHCECE048 Plan and implement children’s education and care curriculum
  • CHCECE049 Embed environmental responsibility in service operations
  • CHCECE050 Work in partnership with children’s families
  • CHCPRP003 Reflect on and improve own professional practice

Elective units

  • HLTAID012* Provide First Aid in an education and care setting
  • CHCDIV003 Manage and promote diversity
  • CHCMGT003 Lead the work Team

*- Offered as a credit transfer

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This training is delivered with Victorian and Commonwealth Government funding. Eligibility criteria applies.

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