Great News – The funding rules have changed

Government funded training places are now available to everyone regardless of whether you already have a higher qualification. No longer will an old qualification prevent you from receiving funding to retrain.

Course fees have been one of the biggest hurdles for people wanting to retrain. Pines Learning has always been committed to keeping costs as low as possible, but this has still resulted in unfunded places being prohibitively expensive.

When an applicant finds their existing, possibly obsolete, qualification prevents them from receiving a funded place, they are understandably disappointed.

Now all that has changed, and everyone has the opportunity to enrol in any course they want at the subsidised rate and get the job they want!

If you completed a qualification after leaving school but have now decided you want to work in another sector, or you are returning to work after time out of the workforce, but your existing qualification is out of date, you will benefit from this change. You can now enrol in an accredited course and receive a government subsidised place.

Pines Learning offers qualifications in Aged Care, Early Childhood Education and Care, and Disability. These industries are in high demand but experiencing great difficulty in attracting workers. The funding changes will support getting more people qualified, and into paid work in these sectors.

If you have previously been unable to access the career you want due to a higher qualification and you want to retrain, 2023 is the perfect time to enrol at Pines Learning and get that qualification!

For more information about our upcoming courses please click on the links below or call 9842 6726.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you.